Valhospital Medicals have created a unique concept in flat pack mobile hospital modules


We design, develop and market mobile hospital units (and devices) for disaster relief scenarios and to support the Millennium Goals of Reduced Child Mortality, Improved Maternal Health and to Combat HIV/AIDs, Malaria and Other Diseases.


More than a dozen modules have already been designed with the participation of leading physicians and surgeons in gastroenterology. Five distinct medical kits and sixty different stand alone mobile units have been developed to date.



3D module of collapsible operating theatre

Immediate ‘on the ground’ medical assistance deployable in just 72 hours


These modules can be assembled and dismantled with ease for both emergency use and beyond with 30-35 years life span complete with environmentally friendly features and wireless communication devices.


Supporting Millennium Development Goals 


Requirements: Good quality, affordable primary healthcare. Different facilities to suit each situation.Deployment in rural, hard to access areas.




Supporting World Disaster Relief


Requirements: Rapid, simple, low-tech deployment. Flexible for unknown situation specifics. Different medical functions with authentic hospital feel. Relocatable, redeployable.


Destroyed hospital in Haiti* Pakistan Flood** Japanese Tsunami***


With a Common Solution

  • Primary healthcare facilities with hospital look and feel
  • Provision of various different medical functions
  • Easy, rapid deployment of structure
  • Suitable for use in many environments
  • Flexible configurations for different scenarios
  • Differentiated product to compete in crowded market


Disaster and disease cause over 10 million deaths each year in developing countries around the world




*Photo by DCA/ACT **By James Wray ***